How To: Develop or write a proposal for a mobile app (native) for college IT course

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Mobile app proposal sample

Develop a proposal for a mobile app (native). The proposal will include:

  • Application Name
  • Platform
    • Version Compatibility
  • Environment
  • People needed
  • Timeline
    • Massive timeline of everything!
  • Estimated cost
  • Price of application
  • Design of program
    • Coding structure
    • Error handling
    • Any possible outcomes
  • Agile/Waterfall etc.
  • Will the application be maintained?
    • Weekly updates? Yearly? None?

If you have such requirement in your college IT course, here is a sample proposal below.

Apps Genie is pleased to submit a proposal for the development of a native mobile app to ABC Broadcasting Network. This proposal is valid for up to sixty days after being presented.

Client Name

Application Name: ABC Go!

Apps Genie will design and develop a native mobile app for ABC Broadcasting Network. The native mobile app will be designed to provide their viewers access to current news and public affairs broadcast programs and print media on the go for ABC Broadcasting Network.

About ABC Go!

ABC Go! is a native mobile app built to bring all ABC Broadcasting Network services onto the hands of all viewers – on the go.

The app allows users to view real time broadcasts and routine daily programs. It also provides access to archived video clips in various categories to allow viewers to watch the programs they missed.

Print media like news, weather reports and other public affairs and services are also available through the app. ABC Go! will be built using Objective C and will be compatible for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch running iOS 9. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and installed in the following compatible devices with iOS 9:

  • ·         iPhone 4S
  • ·         iPhone 5
  • ·         iPhone 5C
  • ·         iPhone 5S
  • ·         iPhone 6
  • ·         iPhone 6 Plus
  • ·         iPhone 6S
  • ·         iPhone 6S Plus
  • ·         iPod Touch (5th generation)
  • ·         iPod Touch (6th generation)
  • ·         iPad 2
  • ·         iPad (3rd generation)
  • ·         iPad (4th generation)
  • ·         iPad Air
  • ·         iPad Air 2
  • ·         iPad Mini (1st generation)
  • ·         iPad Mini 2
  • ·         iPad Mini 3, and
  • ·         iPad Mini 4



ABC Go! will be designed, developed and deployed by industry experts in the field of iOS apps development. The team will be composed of the 

  • 1 Project 

  • 1 System Architect

  • 1 Visual Designer

  • 1 Lead developer

  • 4 apps developers/programmers

  • 1 Lead UX Designer

  • 3 Front-end/UX designers

  • 3 Testers and debuggers

The app is estimated to be completed in 45 working days. However, the actual number of working days varies depending on the complexity of the app and the availability of data and responses from the project counterparts from ABC Broadcasting Network.






3 days

17 days

17 days

5 days

3 days

·    Articulating the user need for the app under consideration

·    Making a business case for it

·    Selecting a mobile platform for app development

·    Setting deadlines for deliverables

·    Allocating budget, and

·    Assigning project management responsibilities

·   Specifying the core functionality the app will provide

·   Setting its look and feel

·   Mapping how the app flows, and

·   Setting forth key technical requirements

·    Translating technical specifications into a functioning app and

·    Incorporating add-on features (e.g., in-app purchasing, game center or social sharing)

·    Testing and improving functional usability

·    Correcting technical issues, and

·    Detecting and closing potential security holes

·    Testing in multiple compatible devices

·    Submitting to Apple App Store for approval

·    Fixing submission glitches to ensures approval

·    Assisting select client users in the installation and initial use of the app


Estimated cost

Based on the complexity of the required app, and the project timeline our team initially developed, ABC Go! app cost is $73,800. The table below describes how this estimated cost is calculated.

Project timeline (45 days)

360 hours

Work force (team size)

15 persons

Average Rate per Hour


Estimated Total Cost 


Price of Application

Despite the huge amount of cash that ABC Broadcasting Network needs to pay in order to develop and deploy the ABC Go! app, the app will be made available in the Apple Store for FREE. This is because the app is intended to expand the companies reach to the mobile world to enhance service availability and boost customer loyalty.

Program Design

The ABC Go! app will be coded following the industry and Apple coding standards and conventions. Method names, for instance, always start with a lowercase letter and camel is used in case of multiple words.

All program logic errors will be fixed prior to making the app available in the Apple Store. Other errors including runtime problems such as running out of disk space or not being able to access a web service—are represented by instances of the NSError class. The app will generate “user-friendly” and task descriptive error messages to guide and inform the user as to what happened and what could have caused the problem to occur.

Since the finished product is clearly and specifically defined by both parties, ABC Go! will be developed using the waterfall methodology.


Apps Genie will be the sole maintainer of the ABC Go! project. Customer feedback and error reports generated by the app will be evaluated on a regular monthly basis and patches will be released within the month.

However, core updates will be released on a yearly basis.

Terms & Conditions

ABC Broadcasting Network is responsible for making additional payments at normal hourly rates for changes requested by ABC Broadcasting Network that extend beyond the original scope of the project, as detailed.

The developer reserves a 10% margin for time and charges that exceed estimates and informs the client when time will be exceeded. The client and developer will communicate directly about any changes that affect cost.

Upon approval of this agreement Apps Genie expects that the project will be completed in approximately 45 business days. This depends greatly on the efficiency of receiving all the needed content and information.

By signing this proposal you are agreeing that any communal information is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without Apps Genie’s permission.



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Download the MS Word version of the proposal in this link: