How to clear Firefox browser history and cached data

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If you are using the Firefox web browser, that is a good decision. Firefox is faster, more lightweight and more secure and stable compared to other web browsers. However, as you use Firefox, it also accumulate unwanted data, usually called "cached data" that you can get rid off. Though cached data are useful to make your browsing faster, as it accumulates, it can also cause problems with your internet browsing. This is because a lot of outdated cached data could have occupied more space causing Firefox to slow down instead of getting faster.

In this case, you need to clear your browser's cache. Here are the detailed procedures:

Step 1.) Open your Firefox browser

Step 2.) Click on the Tools menu then click on "Clear Browsing History"

Firefox clear browsing history

Step 3.) Another faster way to do this is to simply press the key combination Ctrl+Shift+Del keys to get the next screen

Step 4.) In the Clear All History screen, select "Everything" under "Time range to clear".

Step 5.) Under "details, click on ALL items except for "Active Logins" so that you will not be automatically logged out from any online websites that you are currently logged in.

Firefox clear all history