How to Access an Elevated Command Prompt

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When doing administrative tasks, most of the times you need to access the DOS command prompt in an elevated mode. That is, you are using the command prompt as an Administrator or with Administrator privileges.

Here are the steps to access an elevated Command Prompt:

  1. Click Start => All Programs => Accessories
  2. Locate Command Prompt. Do not click on it yet
  3. Instead, right-click on it then click on "Run as Administrator"
  4. When prompted, click on YES to confirm the action
  5. You will then get the black command prompt/window
  6. If Command Prompt is clicked or opened immediately as listed in Accessories, it will show up with this prompt:
  7. As you notice, the prompt is in "rajess", which is my currently signed in user account. If it is an elevated command prompt, it is in the "system32" folder under Windows directory.