Free tools to test the speed and response time of your website

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Do you have a live website or are you maintaining one? It is indeed exciting to see your website launched live in the internet for all the people to see. It is the product of creativity combined with passion in the things that you want to share with the world. But how do you keep your website fast in serving the pages that your visitors requested?

Optimizing your website for speed

For website designers and developers, keeping the health of your site is a top priority to say the least. One of this website health factor is its speed or the response time. Why it is important? Well, we know that the internet is a vast collection of web sites and web pages. If you want people to visit and linger in your site, it is but imperative to serve the pages that the people requested. When it take some time of delay, people get impatient and might decide to look for the same information somewhere else.

Thus, keeping your site faster is a continuous and essential process. In order to know your website's response time, there are several free tools that you can use.

Pingdom Tool

This is a free tool to allow you to test run your site and benchmark its speed and then provide details on how to improve its speed. It can be accessed in this link:

Simply enter the URL of your site then click on Test Now. Then it will provide you a report on how your site performs in terms of speed or response time.

pingdom tool in action

After the speed test, you shall get a full report on how your site performs in terms of speed. It will also provide fine-grained information on the factors that affect your site's speed.

WebPageTest Tool

This is also a free tool to benchmark your website speed and will also provide detailed information on the factors that affect your website's loading speed. You can access it in this link:

A sample of the generated report is shown below:

Sample report after speed test


LoadImpact Tool

This tool is also free. It can be accessed in this link:

It does the same thing - test run your site and determine its response time. However, it provides a lot of graphical reports for better understanding of your site's performance in terms of speed. Here are the sample reports:

Technicalforum site speed site results


Technicalforum site speed site results


Other Tools

The list below shows other online tools to speed test your websites: