How-To: Optimize your Windows PC or Mac for safer, better and faster performance

As you continue to use your computer, whether it is a work computer or a personal home computer, over time it accumulates chunks of unwanted files. These files could be "temporary files" when you install a certain software and the said installer failed to remove them after the installation process. They can also be temporary internet files that your browser downloaded so that your web browsing experience will be faster and efficient. They can also be "orphaned files" or left-overs when you uninstall a certain program.

(SOLVED) Unable to Run or Open Any Programs in Windows XP, Vista or 7

Unable to run any EXE file Windows Registry Fix

This happened to a lot of people already and is very annoying. When you open try to open your programs in your Windows computer, another program opens but then immediately produces an error message. To be specific, the file that you are trying to run are executable files with .exe file extension so when you double click to run the program, another and unknown program opens just to shoot an error message. Weird and annoying, isn't it?

How To: Develop or write a proposal for a mobile app (native) for college IT course

Mobile app proposal sample

Develop a proposal for a mobile app (native). The proposal will include:

How to Easily Share Files for FREE

easily share your files using

We are working with files everyday when we are using computers at work or at home. And most of the times, we need to share files to people in our organization, friends and family circles.

When it comes to file sharing, the very common, traditional and conventional way is through email attachments. That is, you need to use your email to compose a message, attach the file or files that you intend to share, then add the email addresses of the intended recipients, then hit Send.

How To Fix Safari Error: “Safari can’t open the page because it can’t find the server”

Fixing the Safari Error: “Safari can’t open the page because it can’t find the server”

If you have been using Apple products like Mac, iPhone or iPad, you might have been familiar and have been using the Safari web browser since it is the default and built-in browser for Mac devices. It is a better counterpart to Internet Explorer to Microsoft or Windows products.

While Safari is a stable web browser, it can give you a real headache at times. This is especially so when you are not able to browse websites using safari because you are getting the error:

How to Sell T-Shirts Brand Online with No Inventory

How to Sell T-Shirts Brand Online with No Inventory

Do you have creative ideas that you want to express through T-shirt prints? Have you been planning to realize this T-Shirt creativity by putting up an online store but have no background knowledge to jumpstart the small enterprise? 

Selling T-shirts is a popular business choice for entrepreneurs. T-shirts are essentially blank canvases and let’s face it - people always buy t-shirts! Needless to say, people always buy t-shirts especially those with elegant and creative designs!

How to Resize Images in Photoshop at Once Automatically (Part 2 of 2)

How to auto-resize images in Photoshop

This How-To article uses Photoshop's Actions commands to batch-resize images at ones. In this method, similar to Microsoft's "macros", you will actually perform the resizing on a single file and "record" the entire activity. When done, you will just "play" or run the recorded steps on a batch of images and Photoshop will do the recorded steps to all images with a single click saving you a lot o time.

How to Resize Images in Photoshop at Once Automatically (Part 1 of 2)

How to Resize Images in Photoshop at Once Automatically (Part 1 of 2)
The purpose of this How-To article is to describe in details the process of automating the batch-resizing of images using the Photoshop software. That is, if you have a large collection of raw images, especially if you are a photographer, you might find the need to re-size the images to decrease their dimension and file size.
For the smooth processing of the images, for the purpose of this demo, you need to do the preparatory steps below.

Preparing the photos for processing

(SOLVED) All contacts in Windows Live Mail are gone or not syncing

Windows Live Mail contacts missing
Consider this scenario: You have been using Windows Live Mail for quite a long time. Everything is working fine and you just loved it. After several months or even years of using it, you have accumulated a lot of email addresses or contacts in your Windows Live Mail.
Then suddenly a disaster came. You opened Windows Live Mail one day and all your contacts are gone. You accessed your email account on the web and all contacts are intact there. But not in Windows Live Mail.
Then you start blaming Microsoft. LOL!

How to use HostGator Coupons for Maximum Discount

Save with hostgator hosting coupons

One of the widely used and trused hosting company in the world is HostGator. Today, it has powered several millions of websites: corporate sites and portals, blogs and other online stuffs.


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