SmartBro Canopy Plan 999 Sucks!

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I have been a subscriber of Smart Bro for 18 months now. During the past 18 months, I can only recall about four (4) major internet connection problem that I needed to call the Smart Bro Hotline for technical support.

Smartbro 999 is NOT really unlimited

The first incident was a very slow internet connection. I cannot watch youtube videos, social networking sites are loading very slow. The findings of the technician who responded was a congested Smart tower where my canopy antenna was initiating connection.

The tech mentioned that in the nearby tower or sub-station, there are four Smart towers that broadcast wireless internet. My canopy antenna was set to connect to a congested broadcasting device. So his resolution was to configure my canopy antenna to connect to ANOTHER broadcasting device ( I don't what what is was called) which was NOT SO congested. From then on, the internet speed problem is gone.

The second incident was when I was not able to open a specific website. I called the Smart Bro Hotline but the tect was not able to fix the problem. After 3 days I called again and the tech was able to resolve the problem by using a proxy server of Smart.

The third problem was just two (2) weeks ago. My Smart Bro power adapter was blinking yellow and the LAN connection was "not connected" even though the LAN cable was plugged in. I visited a Smart office and found out that my account was redirected because of an over due billing statement. I paid, then I was back in business.

The fourth problem about three (3) days ago. The power adapter was blinking yellow but the LAN connection is not connected. It was similar to the fourth incident so I decided to call customer service. It was not an account issue since my account was active and healthy. A technician was sent to the house and found out that the problem was with the box they installed outside the house. They replaced the box and I was set and internet was working just fine.

Two days later, my internet connection speed dropped from a regular 0.95 MBps - 1.25MBps speed to 0.10 MBps! That was so frustrating!!!

I called the hotline again and found out that the problem was caused by my account having reaced the maximum volume allocation or bandwidth. She was referring to Smart Bro's Fair Usage policy found in this link:

It is so frustrating and I really feel that I am not getting the worth of my P999! For the past 18 months I was contented with my internet connection speed and now they implemented their FUP and I am stuck. I still have 15 more days to go and I need to be patient in wasting my time waiting for pages to load. In the first day of the following month, my connection speed will be restored.

The sad part about this FUP is that they CANNOT provide an exact measure as to HOW MUCH data your computer must have downloaded that will make your account reach the maximum volume allocation. They said it is "system generated" but WHY CAN'T give exact figures?

It is really frustrating. If you are planning to subscribe to Smart Bro Plan 999, think again. If you use the internet much because they advertised their plan as UNLIMITED, you will be surprised if in the middle of the month you end up with a snail-like internet conneciton speed because you already reached your maximum volume allocation. That is their meaning of unlimited! You will get 1MBps for 15 days and 0.09MBps for the rest of the month. Since you are still connected to the internet, it is still UNLIMITED.

Do not be fooled with their advertised UNLIMITED internet. It is only a way to snare you into their 24-month holding period.

I still have 6 more months to go. I will see if come June, how many days I can enjoy 1MBps of internet. I want to test HOW MUCH data really is their threshold since they are not giving exact figures. If the speed is really NOT acceptable, I need to file a complaint so that I can terminate my subscription prematurely WITHOUT paying the penalty of pre-termination because of the fact that their plan sucks!