Cebu Pacific As Usual --- Sucks!

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Everyone in the Philippines are enticed with Cebu Pacific promos. They are indeed irresistible. By "they" I meant the promo prices. However, these cheap flights are not good as what they seem to be. Why? Here are the few reasons:

  1. They cancel any time on Cebu Pacific's convenience. They call it "Aircraft Condition" or "Aircraft Situation" but they do not provide enough information to prove it.
  2. Their call center is always busy. When you call for help, you need to waste your time waiting for someone to pick your call. If you value your time more than money, then accept their terms and embrace their changes without complaining.

Just recently, Cebu Pacific canceled our flight to Mindanao and moved to a new time slot that we are not comfortable with. The date of flight was the same, they only moved the time so it appears that we will be hitching other flight. We booked this flight a year before, and it was a promo fare. Their reasons was "Aircraft Condition".

The worst thing is, we needed to call them using our mobile phone since there was no landline available in our location. When we called their Hotline 02-7020-888 to change our flight schedule, it was more than 15 minutes on hold and we were not able to speak to their agent. We just hung up to save our load and accepted the new flight schedule that they fit us to so that the flight is full packed.

Imagine this. You booked for a flight on Plane A capable of 200 passengers. After 2 hours, Plane B will fly on the same destination and the plane is also capable of 200 passengers. On your scheduled flight on Plane A, only 85 passengers booked the flight and Plane B has 110 passengers. Then, it will be easier for Cebu Pacific to cancel Plane A and load all the 85 passengers to Plane B, 2 hours later. This is called Aircraft Condition.

Lastly, if you visit Cebu Pacific website after they changed your flight schedule, this is what you will see:

cebu pac always late