can't find SingleImageWW file in MS Office 2010 installation

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When installing MS Office 2010, this is a fresh installation in Windows 7 computer, it resulted in an error saying something like "can't find SingleImageWW file". I tried to reinstall but I got the same error message evry time. Any ideas?

Hi, welcome to and I will be happy to assist you.

First, if you have trial versions of MS Office installed in your computer, please uninstall it first. After uninstalling, please restart the computer.

After restarting the computer, please do the following Ccleaner cleanup procedures to ensure that your system is safe, clean, optimized and registry error free. Here are the steps:

Cleanup with CCleaner

NOTE: If you are using a program named Roboform, please do not proceed with CCleaner cleanup. Roboform Data will be removed by CCleaner.

Please download the FREE version of CCleaner from this link:

Download FREE CCleaner Here  or this link

After you download the free tool, install it and run the scans and tests. By default, it runs CLEANER to cleanup from all system mess which includes all unwanted files, temporary files, temporary internet files, orphaned files and more. Make sure that all this mess that the Cleaner program has detected is removed. This will free up some space in your hard drive while speeding up your system as well.

Next, run REGISTRY Cleaner and fix the found problems. Run this REGISTRY cleaner several times and fix the issues until no issues will be found.

In order to run the Registry cleanup mode, open CCleaner, then look at the left panel of the CCleaner window. Locate and click the Registry link there and that should give you the Registry cleanup mode. Then click on the Scan for issues button. When the scan reached 100%, click FIX issues to remove the errors from your system. Then click the Scan for issues again then FIX whenever issues are still found. When no issues are found, close CCleaner.

After the cleanup, please restart the computer. After restarting the computer, please do this further:

  1. Make a folder in your desktop screen and name it something like "Office2010"
  2. Load the MS Office 2010 disc that you bought then COPY all the contents of the disc INTO the newly created folder in your desktop.
  3. Then eject the disc from the drive
  4. Open the folder where you copied the disc and locate the file called SETUP of type "Application"
  5. Right click on that SETUP file, then click on Run as Administrator
  6. When prompted, click on OK or YES to confirm the action
  7. When installation starts, follow the on screen procedures
  8. Then see if MS Office installs successfully this time


Let me know.