BEWARE: PLDT Home Ultera Plan 999 is a BAD choice (Update)

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This is just an update of my previously posted thread "BEWARE: PLDT Home Ultera Plan 999 is a BAD choice". I am so glad that I was able to help several people through the thread and so I posted this update to inform my readers about the progress with this PLDT Ultera service.

PLDT Transfer Service Takes So Long

We transferred residence recently though it is within Novaliches area. Prior to moving out, I already filed a request for transfer of service through the PLDT hotline since I was already informed by a friend that this service transfer will surely take some time. True enough, when I called their Hotline, the agent told me that I need to expect 2 to 3 weeks for my DSL to be transferred to my new address!

The sad thing is, the transfer even took longer than 3 weeks! It took mine to be transferred on the 4th week from my first contact with the PLDT agent. But nevertheless, I am happy that after four (4) weeks of waiting, I got my DSL connection back.

PLDT Goes Fiber Optics

This is the main point for this update post. I was just surprised to know that the DSL that the technicians were installing is already using the PLDT's new Fiber infrastructure. The techs told me that indeed PLDT is moving towards fiber optics and slowly or gradually phasing our the copper wire infrastructures.

With this new installation, I got a new wireless Fiber Router with a new set of VoIP landline phone. When it comes to speed, it is consistent and stable at 2.9mbps and on not peak hours it can go to more than 3mbps.

PLDT DSL stable speed

The only disadvantage that I can see with my new fiber setup now is the phone. It is now a VoIP phone directly connected to the Fiber router as compared to the old installed where the phone has its own jack separate from the DSL router. So this means that to be able to use the phone, the router needs to be turned ON.