Yahoo Mail launched its newer and better email interface

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Yahoo Mail did not allow Hotmail, Gmail or even AOL to surpass it when it comes to email innovation and technology. Recently, Yahoo Mail launched its all new look and feel of its web-based Yahoo Mail service.

Explore the new look and feel of Yahoo Mail

How this New Look Looks New

Yahoo Mail is now wrapped with a new interface. The layout is minimalist and it is a little bit clean despite the 300-pixel wide ads on the right. You can get rid of these ads when you upgrade to the Ad-Free Yahoo Mail as described in this article.

In addition to the new look, Yahoo Mail also added a nicely set icons on the left command panel as shown below.

The nee command panel on the left of Yahoo Mail

Using the very small arrow (less than or greater than symbol) at the top of Inbox, the panel can be collapsed or expanded for better view of email messages.

The new set of commands in Yahoo Mail left panel collapsed for better viewing

Where are your custom created email folders? Clicking on the "folder" icon just below the "Trash" icon will pull out or slide your email folders for viewing.

Clicking on the "Compose" command will give you a beautifully set message composer. Depending on the email accounts you have added to your Yahoo Mail, you can pick which email account to send from. The layout is entirely different from the last or previous interface as it is now appearing as a conventional page. The HTML formatting are arranged at the bottom along with the SEND button.

The new "compose" page of Yahoo Mail

You also have two ways now to apply a synched themes in your Yahoo Mail page.

First, is by pointing or hovering to the very small image icon at the bottom of the left panel. Various themes that you can use will then show up. Just click on the theme you like, then it will be applied to your Yahoo Mail page.

The theme selector at the bottom of the left panel in the new Yahoo Mail

Second, is by clicking on the small gear at the top right corner of the Yahoo Mail page, then clicking on Themes. There you can pick themes of your choice.

Yahoo Mail themes menu

Here are the sample themes available to clothe your Yahoo Mail page:

The beautiful Yahoo Mail themes to choose from

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