What are the benefits or uses of your Outlook.com aliases?

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When did you create your very first email address? I am referring to the very first FREE email address that you have had. It could be too many years already. In my case, my very first email address is a Yahoo Mail created 17 years ago.

Common benefits in using Outlook.com email aliases

Being new to the world of emails by then, what I came up with as an email address was something cute but awkward. Of course I will not disclose my personal email address but it has the level of cuteness and awkwardness as the following usernames:


I'm not saying that these usernames or email addresses are wrong, but they don't convey personality and professionalism. It will be awkward for you to apply for a job online sending your resume through email from "blue_angel". It could have been better when your email address is in a better format like kevin@hotmail.com, or john.jefferson@yahoo.com.

This is when an email alias comes useful. As the name says, "alias", an email alias is an alternative email address that simply points to an existing user account or email account.

Thus, you can keep your old Hotmail.com / Outlook.com email account, but with an email alias added, you can:

  1. Login to your email account using either the original account or your alias - they share the same password. This explains why when creating or adding your aliases in your Hotmail/Outlook account, you were NOT prompted for a password.
  2. Send emails with a new and better email address (the alias) without abandoning your old email account.
  3. Receive emails at one central repository. That is, all your email messages will be intact in one place even though you are sending and and receiving from ten (10) email addresses.
  4. Hide your identity with your alias
  5. Use the same email contacts in your various email aliases. That is, all your contacts are avaiable when you send FROM your alias account.
  6. Use separate emails for various online activities
  7. Easily delete email addresses without affecting the other email addresses especially the original email account
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