Moving Outlook 2007 / 2010 Contacts from one computer to another

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Backing up Outlook contacts is a very important task that ensures email addresses and other contact infomation are copied and stored in a separate file and location. Microsoft Outlook Technical Support people offers several and various ways of doing the back, as well as other online outlook tech support.

Microsoft Outlook support contact information are not readily available online. However, various forums and support groups offer support for Outlook issues for free or for some small fees. In fact, various technical support companies like and offer Microsoft outlook 2007 technical support. These technical support sites also have several professionals who support Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 or even the older versions.

This article describes the process of copying Outlook contacts to another computer. That is, if you have an older computer where you are using MS Outlook, and you decided to buy a new computer for whatever reasons, then your question can be "How to copy outlook contacts to new computer".

In copying Outlook contacts to new computer, you first need to backup your contacts from the old computer, copy the CSV file that you backed up through a USB stick or drive, then transfer the file to the new computer where you want to import the contacts to.

Here are the steps:

In the OLD computer:

Step 1: Open MS Outlook

Step 2: In the left sidebar, please make sure that "Contacts" is selected.

Step 3: Click on File => Import and Export...

Step 4: Select "Export to a file"

Outlook export to a file

Step 5: Click Next

Step 6: In the next screen, click to select "Comma separated Values (Windows)"

Outlook export as CSV

Step 7: Click Next

Step 8: In the next screen, please make sure that "Contacts" is selected like this screen shot:

Outlook export contacts

Step 9: Click Next

Step 10: In the next screen, click on the Browse button. Then in the dialog box that opens, give it a name with the CSV extension like Exported-Contacts.csv

Please note also the location of the file that you just selected or created. Then click OK. The full path of the file will then be inserted in the box near the browse button

Step 11: Click Next

Step 12: Then click Finish

In this export process, your end-result or product is the CSV file that you will then need in the new computer where you want to contacts to be transferred. In order to transfer the CSV file, you need to copy it to a flash drive or USB stick, copy it then then transfer it to the new computer.


In the NEW computer:

Step 1: Insert the USB and copy the CSV file that you created during the EXPORT process

Step 2: Save the CSV file in a very accessible location like My Documents

Step 3: Then open Outlook

Step 4: Click on File => Import and Export

Step 5: Click to select "Import from another program or file"

Step 6: Click Next

Step 7: Click to select "Comma Separated Values (Windows)"

Step 8: Click Next

Step 9: In the File To Import dialog box, click the Browse button then navigate to the location of the CSV file that you just copied from the old computer. It can be in your My Documents

Step 10: When the file is selected, click on Next

Step 11: In the next screen where it asks for the destination folder, please select Contacts

Step 12: Click Next

Step 13: Then proceed to the import then allow it to complete


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