How to open Mozilla Thunderbird in Safe Mode for Troubleshooting

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Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and widely used email client today. It works for Windows, Mac and Linux. For Windows operating systems, it is a strong competitor for Windows Live Mail, MS Outlook and Outlook Express. This article shows how to open Thunderbird in Safe Mode as a troubleshooting procedure.

Opening Thunderbird in Safe Mode for troubleshooting

If you are using Windows and Thunderbird is having problems starting up or opening, or when problems arise right after opening Thunderbird, the first option that you can try is to open Thunderbird in Safe Mode. Please note that in this step, only Thunderbird is being opened in Safe Mode, this is different with Windows Safe Mode.

Step 1: Close all other windows to prepare your computer to open Thunderbird in Safe Mode

Step 2: Locate the program launcher or shortcut icon for Thunderbird. It can be in your Desktop screen or in Start => All Programs => Mozilla Thunderbird. Do not click on that shortcut icon yet or else it will open normally, not is Safe Mode.

Shortcut icon for Thunderbird in Windows 7

Step 3: Now, to open Thunderbird in Safe Mode, please press and hold down the SHIFT key in your keyboard, then click on the Mozilla Thunderbird shortcut. Then you shall get a dialog box confirming the mode in which you can open Thunderbird.

The options to start Thunderbird in Safe Mode

Step 4: To open Thunderbird in Safe Mode, simply click on the button "Continue in Safe Mode". Thundebird shall then launch in Safe Mode. If you are having trouble with third-party add-ins, you can click on the checkbox "Disable all add-ins" then click "Make Changes and Restart". If you want to reset Thunderbird to default settings, click to check the option "Reset toolbars and controls" then click "Make Changes and controls" button.

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