How to Add an Image Like Logos to Your Email Signature in Windows Live Mail

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Are you using Windows Live Mail 2012 for your emails? Or are you considering to use it but studying its capabilities? Windows Live Mail 2012 is the latest version of Microsoft's free email client as of this writing. It succeeded Outlook Express in Windows XP and it is the default email client for Windows Vista and 7.

Adding a working logo in a Windows Live Mail signature

If you are using Windows Live Mail for personal or home business emailing activities, you might have considered adding a signature that will be attached automatically to all of your outgoing emails. Also, you might require an image in the signature, like a small logo to enhance your email appearance.

With Windows Live Mail 2012, this is possible. You can create an HTML email containing a signature with an embedded image like a logo that is automatically attached to all your outgoing emails.

Before Creating the HTML Signature

If you are planning to add a logo or an image in your signature, you need to follow the preparations described below. However, if you just need a "text form" of signature, then you can proceed to the next procedures on "Creating the HTML Signature".

First, prepare the image or the logo that you want to add in your signature. You need to create a folder anywhere in your computer and there you need to save the logo or image.

For instance, you can create a folder called "Signature" in your My Documents. In that "Signature" folder, place your logo or image. This is also the folder where you store the HTML file of the signature.

Here is my sample Signature folder in My Documents showing a sample logo. The HTML file for the signature will be created in the next section and will be stored in this same folder.

The sample "Signature" folder where the logo and the HTML signature will be stored

Creating the HTML Signature

  1. Open Windows Live Mail 2010
    Windows Live Mail 2010 starting up
  2. In the Home tab/menu, under the NEW group, click on Email Message. This shall open a New Message window where you can compose your new email message.
  3. In the New Message window, do not enter anything on the To, Cc, Bcc and Subject fields since this is just a signature template. Just type your desired signature and make sure that two (2) or three (3) line breaks (press Enter) are provided before the signature so that you have the right space when composing new emails when the signatures are added automatically.
  4. If you want to add the logo, click on the Insert menu, then click Single Photo. Browse to the location of your logo and then insert the logo to the signature. This logo will be inserted to the location of your cursor.
  5. When the logo is inserted, there can be a problem if the logo has transparent background. Click on the logo, in the Format menu, click Picture borders and select None.
  6. When the signature layout is done, you are ready to save it as HTML. See my sample below:
    Sample HTML signature in Windows Live Mail with embedded logo
  7. When your layout is perfect, click on the down-arrow at the top left corner of the New Message window, then click on Save As File.
  8. In the Save as type selection box, it defaults to .eml since it is an email message. Change it to HTML.
  9. Give it a name like MySignature and the save it to the Signature folder that you created in My Documents. See the final screen shot below:
    Saving the HTML signature on the right location

Setting the Signature Capability ON

Before you can use the signature that you created, you need to enable the signature feature of Windows Live Mail first.

  1. Open Windows Live Mail 2012
  2. Click on the small down-arrow at the top left corner of the Windows Live Mail window, click on Options then click on Mail.
    Windows Live Mail options Mail
  3. In the Options dialog box, click on the Signatures tab
  4. Click on the New... button
  5. In the Signature settings group, check the option "Add signatures to all outgoing messages"
  6. (Optional) Uncheck the option "Don't add signatures to Replies and Forwards"
  7. In the Edit Signature group, click on File radio button to select it
  8. Then click on Browse button. This time, navigate to the Signature folder in My Documents and select the HTML file that you created.
    Windows Live Mail with HTML signature applied
  9. Click Apply
  10. Click OK


Finalizing the HTML Signature

After saving the signature as HTML, you can try your signature. In the Home menu, click on Email Message to create or compose a new email. Did the embedded logo show up?

If it did not show up, do not worry. The final steps here will correct the problem.

  1. Locate the HTML signature that you created, the one saved in My Documents => Signature folder.
  2. You need to edit the HTML file so that you can change the path of the embedded logo. Right click on the HTML file then point to Open with... then choose Notepad or Wordpad. Do not use MS Word since it will add formatting codes to the HTML file.
  3. In the HTML code, locate the entry similar to the one below which is in the format src="path".

    The SRC entry showing the wrong path that is causing the logo not to show up

  4. Now, change the content of the SRC path to the right path and then save the HTML file. In my sample, my HTML signature path is
  5. The resulting HTML code shall now look like this below: (I use Notepad++ to show color highlights in the code)
    The HTML signature showing the correct PATH of the logo

Now, when you create a new email, the signature will be added automatically with the logo diaplayed and sent with your emails.