AOL Mail Tips: How to Play "You've got mail!" sound when email arrives in

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There are some email programs or clients that has an audio notification when an email arrives in your Inbox. The most known for this is IncrediMail wherein an animated cartoon says "You've got mail, Sir!". In AOL Mail, though it is but fancy, it is possible.The fancy "You've got mail" notification setting in AOL Mail

Even though AOL Mail is accessed using the web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, this audio notification still works. You just need to set it up since it is NOT enabled by default in the web-based AOL Mail account.

Setting Up the Audio Notification in AOL Mail

The settings are in fact straightforward. Only a few steps are required to make it work. Here are the detailed procedures:

Step 1: Go to and then sign in to your AOL Mail account.

Step 2: When signed in, click on the small "Options" link right below your name or user name.

Step 3: Then click on Mail Settings in the pull down menu that appears.

Mail Settings menu in AOL Mail Options

Step 4: In the page that appears, locate and click on General in the left panel.

Step 5: In the "New Mail" group, click to select the option "Play a sound when new mail arrives".

Turning on the option to "Play a sound when new email arrives" in AOL Mail

Step 6: Scroll down to the bottom, then click Save Changes button.

The Save Settings button

Step 7: That's it! The next time you visit your AOL Mail, when new emails arrive, you shall be notified by "You're got mail!" audio.

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