E-Commerce Site Showcase: Elegant, Beautiful, Feature-rich Crafts & Books Online Store

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Sample crafts and books e-commerce sites

This article showcases the beautiful, elegant and feature-rich online stores built by Shopify. Shopify is a hosted SAAS (Software As A Service) e-commerce platform that allows you to easily build your dream online store in less time.

For more infomation about the various features and highlights of using Shopify, please check out the article "101 Reasons Why Sell Online with Shopify". Another Shopify showcase for Home & Decor shops are detailed in this link. It reveals the elegance, beauty, functionality and ease-of-use of Shopify stores.

Showcase 1: Uppercase (http://shop.uppercasemagazine.com/)

Uppercase - a beautiful e-commerce shop built with Shopify

Showcase 2: Cartolina (http://cartolina.com/)

Cartolina - an elegant Shopify website

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Showcase 3: A Book Apart (http://www.abookapart.com/)


A Book Apart - A beautiful Shopify website

Showcase 4: LA County Museum of Art (http://thelacmastore.org/)

LA County Museum of Art - a beautiful Shopify store

Showcase 5: GREER Chicago (http://greerchicago.com/)

GreerChicago - elegance and beauty of Shopify site

Showcase 6: Cookbook Village (http://www.cookbookvillage.com/)

Cookbook Village - a fully functional Shopify shop

Showcase 7: Sarah + Abraham (http://www.sarahandabraham.com/)

Sarah + Abraham: An elegant Shopify store

Showcase 8: Treehouse Kid & Craft (http://www.treehousekidandcraft.com/)

Treehouse Kid & Craft: A beautiful sample e-commerce site running Shopify

Showcase 9: Sycamore Street Press (http://www.sycamorestreetpress.com/)

Another elegant site built with Shopify


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