Do I need an e-commerce website?

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Do you need an e-commerce site?

Most people especially those technologically challenged ones find an e-commerce system a very huge solution for small-time or startup businesses. They are partly correct. 

Think of Amazon, E-bay, NewEgg, and most computer manufacturers like HP and Dell, they are huge companies so they can afford to build and maintain an online marketing portal - an e-commerce system.

However, creating and launching your own online store, or the so-called e-commerce website, is no longer expensive nowadays because of SaaS e-commerce platform. SaaS means Software As A Service. And the best and widely used SaaS e-Commerce system today is Shopify.

Why you need SaaS e-Commerce system like Shopify

Shopify, as a Software As A Service eCommerce platform, it can leverage you (whether you are a multi-million dollar store or a startup venture) of the following:

  1. Server (hardware) acquisition capital
  2. Server design, development and maintenance costs
  3. Internet bandwidth subscription to make your online store available 24/7 within 365 1/4 days.
  4. Programming costs in building and developing your own online store

With all these leverage, you can focus your capitalization more on improving your product and services than in building your own online store! Never re-invent the wheel!

Try building your online store with Shopify for FREE!

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