101 Reasons Why Sell Online with Shopify

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101 reasons to use shopify

So you are planning to sell online huh? That is a very good decision but a very challenging one. It is the most rewarding as well.

If you are looking for the best practical ways to start selling online, and have searched for the various e-commerce platforms to suit your online store needs, here are 101 reasons why sell online with Shopify, the leading e-commerce choice among global retailers.

There are no actual 101 reasons to present here. There can be more than that, but the main reasons why choose Shopify to build and launch your online store are summarized below.

Shopify is the world’s leading commerce SAAS provider

120,000 stores are using Shopify

With over 120,000 active online stores at the time of this writing, and being the platform of choice for over 120,000 global retailers, you can never go wrong with Shopify. By the way, SAAS means Software As A Service. That is, when you use Shopify, you are only given license to use it, actually, an instance of it in a hosted environment, which means, you do not need to download the software and host it somewhere.

Shopify is a total e-commerce package solution, it is all you need to start selling on your own online store. More information about SAAS here

Sell online, offline and on-the-goMobile selliing with Shopify app

When you use Shopify, you are not limited to selling online through your website. You can also sell offline if you have a physical stored integrated with your Shopify store. The best thing ever is, you can sell while on the go since you can manage your store using your mobile phone, thanks to Shopify's FREE mobile app.

Use your own domain name

You have a branding freedom. This starts with the freedom to use your own domain name. For instance, if you want to name your site as www.gadgetsavenue.com, it is possible as long as the said domain name is available. You won't be stuck with www.gadgetsavenue.shopify.com.

Sell gift cards

As a complete e-commerce solution for huge retailer companies and starters, Shopify allows you to easily create and sell gift cards to your customers. No special coding required, it is built-in to the Shopify platform.

Integrated blogging platform

Yes, it is a cool feature. You can blog and publish writeups of your store and products right in your online store. Blogs are useful in increasing awareness of your online presence and to boost your search engine ranking.

Process credit card payments directly through Shopify, or other gateways

Your Shopify store is complete as promised or as advertised. What makes a store if it cannot accept payments? With Shopify, your store can accept payment directly through the Shopify payment gateway, PayPal, and many others. In fact today, Shopify integrates more than 70 international payment gateways.  

Process in-store purchases with Shopify POS

You have a fully-integrated e-commerce system when you use Shopify. It has a Shopify POS that allows in-store purchase for your loyal buyers in the immediate community.

Process purchases with your iPhone using Shopify Mobile

You will get a complete mobile e-commerce solution with Shopify. You can manage your store while on the go and process purchases using your iPhone with the use of the free Shopify Mobile.

Receive on-boarding support from a Shopify Guru

We can help you get started. We (the Shopify experts) are available from beginning (conceptualization of your store) till the actual launch of your first Shopify store! You can contact us using the form in the left side of this article to get started.

Access ecommerce analytics

Know your customers, where they come from, what parts of your online store they are visiting, and their carts' contents. These are just few of the analytics information that Shopify can make available for you.

Use built-in SEO

To make sure that your Shopify store is competitive among your global competitors, you can empower your site using the built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature. This SEO tool allows search engines to index your site and its contents so that they will appear in search results.

High-availability and fast servers and cutting edge infrastructure

Shopify is a hosted e-commerce solution. You do not need to worry about the Shopify infrastructure so you have all your energy and resources focused on the main thing - your online business.

Shopify is hosted with high-availability and high-end server infrastructure to ensure your online store is up and running 99.99% of the time.

Fully PCI Level 1 Compliant checkoutShopify is PCI Level 1 compliant

All Shopify stores are PCI Level 1 compliant, and the entire Shopify network is independently audited against stringent PCI security standards on a regular basis. With this compliance, you as a Shopify store owner and your customers are assured of data and payment information security.

Unlimited SKUs

Yes, you read it right. Your Shopify store allows you to add unlimited products so whether you are a starter or a big retailer with tons of product inventories, Shopify is the right choice for you.

Shopify is always adding free new features to help you sell

Shopify is driven with its commitment to help online store owners sell their products online. With this commitment, Shopify is constantly innovating and adding free features to help store owners manage his store effectively, sell easily and grow his business in no time!

To help you get started, please watch the video below that showcase how Shopify helps store owners like you and why Shopify is your best choice in building your online store towards success!

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