We can help you build your Shopify store. Start selling in no time!

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Do you want to sell online but have no idea where to start? Let our E-Commerce experts help you setup your online store from start to finish!

Building an online store can be an exciting activity. However, it is also a challenging endeavor. You definitely know what you want to sell (physical or virtual products, services or subscription), but the real challenge is on how you create an e-commerce website that is equally affordable and effective?

Here, we can help you build such a beautiful and fully functional Shopify website with custom theme design and set-up and we will help you launch your online store in less time.

Why use Shopify?

Shopify is fast, simple, cost-effective and innovative. You can have your online store launched faster with our experts' help and you can maintain and manage your site easily and effectively. Shopify is constantly evolving in keeping its commitment to help store owners to sell more and manage the store so easily.

Another big factor of chosing Shopify is its user-friendly interface for both buyers of your site and you being the store owner or manager. This allows you to spend your time selling and improving your products instead of figuring out the complicated e-commerce system.

Shopify sites start at $2,500.xx

We can help you build your first Shopify store and this package includes the following:

  • Basic store design using current company or store logo (we can also create your logo)
  • Shopify theme setup, navigation, layout and coding (We will use free themes and our custom themes)
  • Design your Home page slideshow and featured products
  • Layout and styling of product and content pages (We provide you instructions to add more products in the future)
  • Design custom checkout pages to match your site theme
  • Integration with your current email marketing service
  • Social media integration to boost your online presence
  • Customization of your domain registrar to integrate your Shopify store
  • Customization of shipping, taxes, payment and account admin
  • Set-up of blog/news feature
  • Integration of apps
  • Responsive layout (looks great on desktop + mobile)
  • Cross browser testing
  • Unlimited email consultation until launch
  • A month of reasonable corrections and adjustments
  • BONUS: We can provide custom training videos to help you get started. We can also do remote access or screen sharing sessions for actual demo.

Extra Freebies?

If you feel the need of some fancy features, just let us know. If we have the skills to do them, we will do our best to incorporate them to your Shopify store.

  • Customized HTML emails (Shopify comes with standard emails, but we can enhance them to your preference) 
  • Photo Galleries 
  • MailChimp integration and set-up

No Installation and Hosting Required

Since Shopify is a hosted system following the SAAS model, you do not need any hosting account to host your website files, settings and configuration. You online store is kept and maintained in the Shopify's high-availability and secured network to ensure that all Shopify stores (yes, not just your store) are up and running 99.99% of the time).

About Recurring Costs

Yes, since Shopify is a hosted shopping cart, you will no longer need any hosting servers. However, you will have to subscribe to Shopify's plans and the lowest monthly plan rate now is $29. It is way too small compared to hosting your own e-commerce software, manage your own server and paying for the developers to program your e-commerce site.



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