(SOLVED) Windows Cannot Connect to Available Wireless Networks

Wireless network problems with Windows 7

I encountered this weird problem when connecting to wireless networks that I felt the need to share the solution as this might help other people as well. The scenario is that, when I turn on my wireless radio, my Lenovo laptop is able to locate available wireless networks. However, when I will connect to ANY of the wireless network in the list, Windows will return an error.

I am using Windows 7 but logically, the solution will still work on other versions of Windows like Vista and 8.

How to Reset MS Word Settings to a Working Defaults

Resetting MS Word settings

Microsoft Word is another bit of software that is usually and easily messed up with the installation of other programs that integrate with Microsoft Office, like plugins and add-ons, and with the changes done manually in the programs settings. When MS Word settings are messed up, you will then find it hard to work on any document because of the erratic behavior of the MS Word program.

Windows XP Support Retired - Do you Need to Abolish your Windows XP Machine?

Goodbye Windows XP

Windows XP has been the widely used among the operating system of Microsoft. In fact, various devices, besides laptops and desktops, run Windows XP. This includes local ATM, vending machines, and industrial machinery in manufacturing plants and many others.

With Microsoft retiring Windows XP support, what will happen to these machines running on Windows XP? Should Windows XP machines be upgraded to the next compatible OS version like Vista or 7? Or even Windows 8? Is the upgrade even necessary?

How to Summarize Data in Excel Using Consolidate Command

How to consolidate data in Excel

Suppose you have a bunch of Excel data that are totally similar but needs to be created individually for some valid reasons. A good example is a purchase order. These POs can be created in individual sheets within one workbook, or spread across various workbooks. And in the course of time, you might want to collate the summary information to see how many of which inventory are moving in your business.

The easiest way to collate such data or information is to use the Consolidate feature of Excel. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open your MS Excel program

How to Convert Individual Sheets in a Workbook Into Separate PDF Files

There are ways to convert Excel files to PDF

If you are using Microsoft Excel for work or business, you might find it useful to print the Excel sheets as PDF file for better reporting as the contents of the PDF files cannot be modified easily compared to a raw Excel file. Besides, most computers and mobile devices can read PDF files but cannot read Excel files as MS Excel is a proprietary software.

There are basically two (2) ways to produce a PDF file from MS Excel file as described in the succeeding texts.


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