How to Check if Others Are Using Your Images Online; #3 can be very useful

finding similar pictures

The internet is multimedia rich. Videos, audio recording, and photos abound. If you bought a picture online, how can you ensure that NO ONE is using your picture without your permission? How would you even find out who are using which pictures?

How to Create A Checkbook Register in MS Excel

Creating checkbook register in Excel

If you have a checking account with your bank and you have MS Excel installed in your computer, you can create a small Excel utility that will monitor your checkbook. This is a thorough procedures in creating a Checkbook Register with MS Excel.

What Your Mac Should Have to be in Good Shape

Optimize your Mac with Uniblue Mechanic

It will be normal if you are using your Mac on a regular daily basis. However, doing this "normal use" will inevitably lead to an accumulation of files, resulting in low hard disk space.

Launching a Digital Online Store is Now Easier with Open eShop!

The open eshop system

Several thousand or even millions of websites today are selling something - goods and/or services. These are the conventional online stores or the so-called ecommerce websites. These are usually built with commercial software that enables merchants to run a full-featured storefront in the cyberspace.

How to View Saved Passwords in Mozilla Firefox

Revealing Firefox password

Web browsers like Firefox usually store passwords for your online accounts. You won't need to remember these password as Firefox remembers them for you.

How To Resize Images With Paint.NET

Using Paint.NET to resize pictures

If you are working with documents or on any computing tasks, you might find a need to edit pictures. This article will show you how to resize pictures with Paint.NET.

How to View Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Reveal password stored in Chrome

When you are using a web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and many others, you are saving some important information about you and your identity. These information are stored on cookies and internal browser system database so that your browsing experience will be fast and efficient. These are the same information that hackers exploit to hack email account and even banking or financial accounts.


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