How to setup Google DNS in your Windows computer

Use Google DNS to solve connectivity problems

This is a very common issue with internet connections: you are able to access certain websites and other sites are inaccessible; websites that you used to access before became inaccessible even though the said sites are up and running; you are getting frequest "Page cannot be displayed" error and something similar and reloading the page loads the site thereafter; and a lot more.

How to use HostGator Coupons for Maximum Discount

Save with hostgator hosting coupons

One of the widely used and trused hosting company in the world is HostGator. Today, it has powered several millions of websites: corporate sites and portals, blogs and other online stuffs.

Do I need an e-commerce website?

Do you need an e-commerce site?

Most people especially those technologically challenged ones find an e-commerce system a very huge solution for small-time or startup businesses. They are partly correct. 

Think of Amazon, E-bay, NewEgg, and most computer manufacturers like HP and Dell, they are huge companies so they can afford to build and maintain an online marketing portal - an e-commerce system.

How to block ads in the right side of Yahoo Mail

Remove Yahoo Mail ads

Millions of people use Yahoo! Mail and its other email infrastructure like SBCGlobal, ymail, and others. Yahoo! Mail is a full-featured email service used by a lot of people because it is reliable, and most importantly, like other email providers, it is free!

As part of this free email service, Yahoo! place a block in the right hand panel of the page for advertisement. It is just reasonable for Yahoo! to do that (placing ads) to moneytize their free service since they need to maintain a very expensive email infrastructure for free use of the public.

E-Commerce Site Showcase: Elegant, Beautiful, Feature-rich Crafts & Books Online Store

Sample crafts and books e-commerce sites

This article showcases the beautiful, elegant and feature-rich online stores built by Shopify. Shopify is a hosted SAAS (Software As A Service) e-commerce platform that allows you to easily build your dream online store in less time.

For more infomation about the various features and highlights of using Shopify, please check out the article "101 Reasons Why Sell Online with Shopify". Another Shopify showcase for Home & Decor shops are detailed in this link. It reveals the elegance, beauty, functionality and ease-of-use of Shopify stores.

Outlook 2013 keeps prompting for password. Not using Exchange. I cannot access Credential Manager

Enter Network Password prompt in MS Outlook

There is a very common issue with Microsoft products: bugs. I am very sorry to single it out but reality speaks and I believe you also have "buggy experiences" with your Microsoft software.

When it comes to Microsoft Outlook software, versions 2007, 2010 and 2013, some people got annoyed with a perpetual prompt for network password as shown in the image at the left.

You might be reading this because you too are having the same problem. That is not surprising, as thousands of people are searching for a solution of their MS Outlook software asking for a password annoyingly.

Online Shop Showcase: Beautiful, Successful Shopify Home & Décor Shops

Beautiful home and decor sites made by Shopify

Do you own or run a local business manufacturing, selling or distributing furnitures and fixtures? Home decorations and landscaping materials and supplies? And are you trying to expand globally by building an online store?

101 Reasons Why Sell Online with Shopify

101 reasons to use shopify

So you are planning to sell online huh? That is a very good decision but a very challenging one. It is the most rewarding as well.

If you are looking for the best practical ways to start selling online, and have searched for the various e-commerce platforms to suit your online store needs, here are 101 reasons why sell online with Shopify, the leading e-commerce choice among global retailers.


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