How to share your Internet connection WITHOUT a router

When you have a home Internet and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides you a modem that or a broadband connection that directly connects to your computer using the RJ-45 port in your laptop or desktop, you can share your Internet connection wirelessly even without buying a wireless router. This is possible only when these things apply:

How to move, transfer or migrate AOL emails and contacts to Gmail

If you are using Gmail now, and you have several other email accounts from various email providers like Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, etc., you can centralize your emails using your Gmail account. Yes, with Gmail, you can download email messages from up to five other email accounts, including accounts from Gmail and other email providers. This is possible by using Gmail's Mail Fetcher.

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How to capture or take a screen shot

Windows provides a way to capture the screen of your computer. This is useful when someone asked you for the actual look of your screen as part of a troubleshooting procedure where you cannot allow the other person to remotely control your computer. Capturing your screen and saving the image or picture will then allow you to send the screen shots to help the other person visualize your problem scenario.

To make a screen capture, here are the steps:

How to install or uninstall Windows games and other components in Windows 7

Did you ever wonder how to uninstall a built-in feature of Windows 7? Do you want to uninstall Windows Games so that people in your office will not procrastinate at work?

Like the older versions of Windows, you can turn on or turn off some of the built in Windows features. Please remember that you need to be signed in as an Administrator in order to follow the steps below:

How to Fix a Corrupted Recycle Bin

If you are experiencing a weird or uncommon behavior of your Recycle Bin, like when you cannot empty it, or when the Recycle Bin icon in your Desktop always shows clear or empty when in fact there are deleted items when you open it, then it is most likely a corruption issue. In this case, the very first thing that you can try is to RESET your Recycle Bin.

By resetting your Recycle Bin, Windows will automatically re-create the $Recycle.Bin folder after resetting the old and corrupted version.

Here are the steps:

How to Access an Elevated Command Prompt

When doing administrative tasks, most of the times you need to access the DOS command prompt in an elevated mode. That is, you are using the command prompt as an Administrator or with Administrator privileges.

Here are the steps to access an elevated Command Prompt:

From Hotmail to NEW interface: How to Switch back to Hotmail

Did you upgrade from to the *NEW* interface recently?

That is a good move. However, for Mac users using their default Safari browsers, an incompatibility issue has been reported by thousands of users. The problem is described as Hotmail / Outlook screen is frozen and clicking emails and links won't work. Thus making Hotmail account useless for sending and receiving emails.

This is a very frustrating issue specially for Hotmail users who reply on Hotmail for business correspondence. In this case, there are 2 things you can do:

Have you tried the *NEW* for Hotmail/MSN/Live accounts?

Have you tried the *NEW* for Hotmail/Live accounts?

If you are using Hotmail, Live, MSN and other Microsoft email account, is already released. This is a new interface for the Microsoft email accounts like Hotmail and Live accounts.

The new interface offers:

How to speed up your computer's startup time

Sometimes, you might notice that as you use your computer through time, it will eventually slow down. This is noticeable at startup and also noticeable when you work with several software at the same time.

Though Microsoft Windows is built with multitasking capability, coupled with fast hardware technology, slowing down of your computer occurs for many reasons:


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