Are you missing some emails in your Gmail? You can recover them!

There are instances that you find Gmail faulty. One of these instances is when you found out that your emails are missing from your Inbox folder, from your Trash, and from your other email folders in your Gmail account.

This is basically NOT an issue with Gmail. The emails can go missing in various possible reasons. Among the reasons are the following:

How to easily share files using wikisend

Several websites out there offers file sharing across the internet. is one of them and this article will show you how to use this free service.

How much RAM can my laptop or desktop computer take?

The amount of RAM acceptable in computer systems is determined by the computer's motherboard. This is true for laptop computers and desktop computers. So the best way to know how much RAM (Random Access Memory) is acceptable in your computer is to refer to your computer's documentation specifically the motherboard's information. You will surely need this information if you want to upgrade your computer's memory and you want to exactly know which RAM stick is compatible and how much RAM your system can take.

How to add email signature in Gmail

You might have noticed that when you receive an email from some people or organization, they might have appended a graphic or customized greeting at the end of the email message. This is called an email signature.

An email signature is typically a bit of "personalized" text such as your contact information or a favorite quote, company logo with slogan, that is automatically inserted at the bottom of every message you send. Here's a sample signature:

How to re-use several beautiful slide templates in a single PowerPoint file

When you are using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or 2010, beautiful slide templates are already built in. Also, there are several hundreds and even thousands of PowerPoint templates available for free download in various websites that work for both PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.

However, when you are working with a template, all slides are identically designed. That is, the first slide is unique, then the rest of the slides follow identical template design every time you add a new blank slide.

How to change Gmail command buttons to the classic Text labels

When Gmail changed its email interface, many people still loved the classic look and looking for ways to retract or revert to the classic look and feel that they are accustomed to. However, Gnaim did not provide a way to permanently switch into the classic interface now that it has already released the new Gmail interface.

One of the changes that the new interface offers is the command buttons people use to archive, mark as Spam, or delete marked emails. To enhance the interface Gmail changed this commands to graphic icons or buttons representing their functions.

How to share your screen for technical help using screen sharing tools

I do technical support every day helping people solve computer problems of various sorts. The process is that they describe their problem in a thread like forums, then I provide step-by-step procedures that they can follow on their problem computer to resolve the problem. This process is so tedious especially the volume of problems reported and the amount of typing required to simply describe the procedures to correct the issue. In most cases, to best help these people, I even need to duplicate the issue, come up with screen shots so that they can relate to the solution process.

How to eliminate annoying pop-up adverts in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome

There are two (2) types of advertisements that you are viewing in various websites online. First are the legitimate ads placed in designated boxes or blocks in certain web pages. The ads are legitimate since the website owners place them to monetize their site's traffic. This is common among blogs and other free online services like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail and other free email providers. To get rid of these ads among these FREE email providers, you need to subscribe to their PAID version of their email service.

Checking and detecting the hardware components of Windows computers

There are times that you want to know what hardware components are installed in your computer, regardless if it is a desktop computer or a laptop. For instance, you might want to know the exact make and model of your wireless card so that you can check the specifications of this wifi-card in the manufacturer's website. You might want to know the brand and model of your system's motherboard so that you will be guided when you perform major component upgrades like adding a physical memory (RAM) or changing your processor to a faster model.

Securing your computer from online threats

Computers are never safe.

This is the fact that you need to convince yourself with. Specially when the computer is connected to a network, wireless or wired, corporate network or home network, you can never claim 100% security of your computer and the data stored in it.

What about the antivirus and other security software that promised to keep your system and data secure? Well, they only maximize your system's strength in blocking and fighting malicious attacks thus minimizing your computer and data from being compromised.


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