How to recall an email sent using MS Outlook 2010

Have you tried sending an email to a wrong person and you want to retrieve the said email before the person could have actually read it? This kind of situation can really make you feel uneasy and sometimes critical. This is because the email message can contain a confidential information that must only be read by the right contact. However, if you are using an email software especially MS Outlook 2010, you can recall the email message sent in error.

Outlook 2010 Email Recall

Enabling the Developer Tab in MS Publisher 2010

If you are using MS Publisher 2010 for the first time after a recent installation, the default behavior is that the Developer tab is disabled. This means that the macro feature, add-ins and customizations, controls and ActiveX are not available. The last menu in the Main Tabs is View. When the Developer tab is enabled, it will be shown as the last tab in Main Tabs shown below:

Publisher 2010 Developer Tab

How to show the Developer Menu/Tab in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

If you are using MS PowerPoint 2010 after the initial installation, the Developer tab is disabled by default. Therefore, without the Developer tab, the Macro features, Add-ins and controls are not available. The Developer Tab buttons are shown below:

MS PowerPoint 2010 Developer tabs

To enable this Developer tab, here are the steps:

Step 1: Open MS PowerPoint 2010

How to show the Developer Menu/Tab in Microsoft Excel 2010

When you install MS Excel for the first time, the default setting has the Developer tab "disabled". This means that the Macro button not available including all VBA programming aspect of the Excel file.

Excel 2010 Main Tabs

To enable the Developer Tab, here are the steps:

Step 1: Open MS Excel 2010

Step 2: Click on File menu

Step 3: Click on Options

How to show the Developer Menu/Tab in Microsoft Word 2010

If you you just installed your MS Office 2010 software package, by installation default, the Developer menu is not visible. As a result, you cannot add controls to your MS Word document and you cannot code a macro. Here is a screen shot of the Main Tabs of MS Word 2010 where the last tab is the View tab:

Word 2010 No Developer tab

Recording DVD videos using VLC Player

If you want to copy a video from a DVD or CD, you can surely rip the CD or DVD using free and commercial software. But how about if you only want to take part of the video as a small video file?

VLC video recording

Gmail launched the new "compose" and "reply" interface

Gmail, the leader of the email technology recently launched its new compose and reply interface across all Gmail users. This new enhancements in the Gmail interface is promised to bring fast composition of message right from the Inbox, simple and clean design, and powerful innovation to allow you to check emails as you're typing, minimize drafts for later, and even compose two messages at once.

The full features of this release is available in this link:

How to Show Hidden files in Windows Vista and 7

By default, Windows hides hidden files, folders and drives from the users' view. The main reason for this is to avoid these system files or other critical files from being deleted by a user accidentally. All files that a user intentionally marked as "hidden" in its properties are also hidden from view like the system file.

However, when you are doing some housekeeping or troubleshooting work, you might need to view these hidden files. Follow these steps:

Step 1.) Click Start => Control Panel

How to clear Firefox browser history and cached data

If you are using the Firefox web browser, that is a good decision. Firefox is faster, more lightweight and more secure and stable compared to other web browsers. However, as you use Firefox, it also accumulate unwanted data, usually called "cached data" that you can get rid off. Though cached data are useful to make your browsing faster, as it accumulates, it can also cause problems with your internet browsing. This is because a lot of outdated cached data could have occupied more space causing Firefox to slow down instead of getting faster.

How to recover desktop or laptop BIOS password

You were tweaking your system BIOS configuration to maximize your hardware component performance. You decided to password-protect the system BIOS so that only you can access it since you firmly believe that only you shall be able to access it since critical changes in the BIOS may harm your computer system. That was a good intention.

However, after several months, you have forgotten the BIOS password and you are now unable to access it for further changes and hardware configuration. What shall you do then?


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