Be informed when your email message sent through Gmail is opened or read

If you want to know if the person whom you sent an email message already read your email, you need to enable the read receipt request. This is simply to notify you if your recipient opened and read your email.

gmail read receipt

How to recover deleted emails after removing email account in Windows Live Mail [2010 and 2012]

Microsoft has a free email client or email program that you can use to avoid buying it commercial email client MS Outlook. With Windows XP, the free email software is called Outlook Express. Starting with Windows Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft no longer use Outlook Express. Instead, it uses Windows Live Mail, a part of the Windows Live Essentials software package.

Windows Live Mail startup screen

How to auto-forward your Hotmail emails to another email account

If you have multiple email accounts, managing them is tricky and critical. It is tricky because you need to manage these email accounts, read their mails and respond to them and this is tidious if you have several email accounts with various sets of contacts.

Forwarding emails

Importing Contacts to Hotmail/Outlook Account

If you are using a web browser to access your Hotmail account, (or MSN account or Live account), you can add your existing contacts or those contacts of your other accounts to your Hotmail following the steps described in this article.

Hotmail contacts

Creating Groups or Contact Categories in your Hotmail/Outlook Account and Managing Contacts

When the classic Hotmail interface was replaced by this "NEW Outlook" interface, several things changed. This includes working with email contacts, managing your contacts and creating categories or contact groups.

New Outlook interface

How to import your saved contacts or address book to Outlook 2010

You can easily save your existing MS Outlook contacts or address book by exporting them into a CSV file. This process is documented in my previous article. However, even if the contacts are not coming from MS Outlook 2010, you can still use them in your MS Outlook 2010 software.

Sample  CSV data

How to export contacts or address book in Outlook 2010

Suppose you have thousands of email addresses or contacts in your MS Outlook 2010 and you want to move this contacts to your MS Outlook 2010 in another computer, or when you simply want to have a safe backup copy of your emails, all you need to do is export your contacts as an external file. This will give you a CSV file that opens in MS Excel.

Outlook 2010 Contacts

To export all your contacts from Outlook 2010, follow these detailed procedures:

Ways to send huge files through email or chat

Sometimes you might need to send a file through the internet to your contacts or to specific group of people. This is usually done using email. However, when the file to be sent is too huge, it can exceed the file attachment size limit of most email providers.

Email Providers


How to extract or merge smaller fragments of RAR file using WinRar

If you received a RAR file and it is having a filename pattern of .part#.rar, this simply means that the rar files are volumes split into smaller fragments from a huge single file. In this case, you cannot extract the contents of the RAR files unless ALL of the smaller parts are stored in the same directory.

Next volume missing

How to split a large file into several smaller files using WinRar and how to merge them back

Sometimes when you need to send a file to a friend or contact through email, the size of the file attachment matters. With Yahoo Mail, you are allowed to attach files not bigger than 25MB. If it is bigger, then Yahoo will prompt you to use its partner service,

Yahoo Dropbox prompt

With Gmail and Hotmail, there are also file size limits for attachments.


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