Excel 2007/2010 Power Shortcuts: Copying and working with non-adjacent cells

One way to be more productive and comfortable in using MS Excel 2007 or 2010 is through using "power" shortcuts. They may be called "power" shortcuts because the key combination produces an amazing results that save both your time and efforts.

Excel Power Shortcuts

Working with MS Outlook 2010 Add-ins

If you have MS Outlook 2010 and you are having some trouble in using it, or when Outlook 2010 is acting up, some troubleshooting procedures can be done by yourself without asking for for a computer expert's help. Common problems like Outlook not sending, not receiving, not getting email attachments, and something similar can be corrected with minor troubleshooting.

Manage Outlook 2010 Add-ins

How to Repair MS Office 2007 and 2010 Program

Microsoft Office is the leading office software or desktop software for homes and businesses. Like other software applications from Microsoft, there are bad times when MS Office behaves erratically and instead of being useful and helpful in preparing documents, spreadsheets or emails, it is becoming more of a headache.

basic repair proccedures for MS Office 2007 and 2010

Optimizing your Windows Computer for Better and Faster Performance

If you are using Windows Operating System (OS) for your computer, like Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, as you are using the computer over time, there is always a big tendency that your system have accumulated tons of unwanted files, temporary internet files, outdated cookies, orphaned files or leftovers when you uninstall a software, and registry errors.

speed up your computer

Using join.me to allow a computer expert to access your computer remotely

If you want to allow a computer expert to troubleshoot the problems that you have with your computer, the best option for you is to allow remote access help. It is better, safer and faster way to get things done. For detailed information on the benefits of using remote access help for technical support, read this article.

Viewing saved passwords stored in your Firefox web browser

Most of the times, people tend to "remember" their passwords in the email accounts, social networkign accounts, and other online accounts through their web browser. In effect, when you access your account online, for instance, your email account, you NO LONGER need to enter the required password because the browser will simply supply it from the "remembered" password.

Peeking saved passwords in Firefox

Allowing technical support specialist to remotely access and control your computer

When you are having trouble with your computer, the very first thing that you can do is to ASK for help. You can search Google for similar scenarios in thousands or millions of forum sites worldwide for solutions that you can try yourself. When all else fails, you can ask a computer expert for a remote help. It is better, safer and faster form of computer support.

remote access help

How to Uninstall Windows Live Mail 2012

If you are using the latest version of Windows Live Mail - WLM 2012, then that is a good choice. Besides being free, it has a lot of features nearly comparable to commercial email clients like Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010. However, as you use it and your email accumulates, and when you install Windows Updates or MS Office updates, Windows Live Mail can behave erratically as an effect.

Uninstall Windows Live Mail

Recovering data on damaged drives (HDD, Flash Disk Drives, External Hard Disk Drives)

We normally depend on local hard disk drives in storing our important data. Important documents especially those work or profession related, emails, and family pictures are usually stored in local hard drives, USB Flash drives or External Hard Disk Drives.

Data recovery

Using a Strong Password in Your Account to Avoid Being Hacked

Thousands of email accounts are compromised or hacked every single day. The hacking can be accomplished in various ways. The most common way hackers take over other peoples' accounts are using a piece of code known as a malware. A malware can go unnoticed by antivirus programs it will dig information from your computer's cookies and other cached data to gather account information and send them back to the hacker.

the password meter


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