MS Word 2003/2007/2010/2013: How to create a document template

If you are an MS Word user in the past few years, then you might have familiarized yourself with templates. In fact, when you open MS Word, it loads its "global template" called, Normal.dotx or Normal.dotm. Templates are simply pre-formatted files or documents that MS Word are using to create their instances when you open them.

Word template

MS Word 2003/2007/2010/2013: How to share a template over the network

Whether you are a starter, novice, intermediate or advanced user os MS Word, you might learned about MS Word templates already. If not, then templates simply means "a pre-formatted Word document that can be used to quickly create an instance of the document." In the template, everything such as Font, Size, Color, Background pictures are pre-formatted but users can also edit them.

Word templates

Dell BIOS password and HDD password removal and recovery

When you have a Dell computer and you forgot your BIOS password or HDD password, you are in trouble. For a BIOS password being forgotten, this means that you can still use the computer but you can never be able to access your BIOS settings to alter hardware behavior and preferences. In worst cases, when a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) password is forgotten, you cannot use your computer because of a perpetual password prompt.

Dell BIOS and HDD password unlocker

Excel 2010/2013: Hiding a worksheet while disabling the Unhide command

When you are working with an Excel workbook, you might find it essential to hide worksheets. This is very useful when a worksheet contains a standard set of data or static data or those data that does not change so frequently. One example is a price table of goods or merchandise, hourly rate of workers, and others that you want it protected from an unwanted and accidental editing.

hiding worksheets

Excel 2010/2013: Repairing a bloated and corrupted Excel file

When you have an older version of MS Excel, like MS Excel 2003, workbooks saved in this program has a file extension of XLS. When your file has the XLS extension and you are opening it in the latest version of MS Excel which is 2010 or 2013, the file will be opened and rendered in [Compatibility Mode].

repairing excel file

Excel 2010: How to select multiple form controls (like combo boxes)

If you have MS Excel 2010 or 2013 and you are using the Developer tab to insert form controls or ActiveX controls like list boxes, or combo boxes, you might need to delete duplicate or unused controls.

Excel tips and tricks

How to discover useful websites using Similar Sites

When you are looking for something or finding solutions to your computer related problems, you normally just Google it. However, Google search results give you random list of sites ranked in the order Google thinks they are relevant to your needs. This is indeed an intelligent search ranking to ensure that you will get what you really want for your search.

Discover Similar Sites

Samsung bios password removal and recovery

When your Samsung laptop, desktop, netbook or ultrabook is locked with a BIOS or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) password that you cannot remember, or when you pirchased a second-hand or used Samsung computer without knowing that it is password locked, regardless of its Operating System, you need a master password to unlock it.

Samsung bios and hdd password removal

To unlock your Samsung computer, here are the steps:

Excel 2007/2010 Power Shortcuts: Converting cell formulas to values

MS Excel 2010, like its older version (2003 or 2007) are packed with huge sets of features and shortcuts waiting to be uncovered. In this article, we will discover how to copy the values of a cell excluding the formulas.

Converting cell formulas to values

FIXED: Error 0x8007000D when activating Office 2010

You installed MS Office 2010 and activated it successfully. After some time it behaved erratically so you decided to uninstall it then reinstall later to correct the faulty behavior of MS Office 2010. This is an acceptable practice and in fact, the very fist thing that you can try to troubleshoot the software issue. However, in some cases, this can cause another problem to surface.

MS Office 2010 Activation Fix


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