Best Practices to Protect your Privacy Online

As the Internet is fast growing, the threats online are growing fast as well. But the most serious threat when going online is individual privacy. How would you ensure that nobody is watching or tracking your online activity?

How to protect your privacy online

MS Outlook tip: How to remove published calendars to stop Outlook prompt to sign in

There are a lot of MS Outlook users that are using calendar for their various calendaring activities. However, due to various sync problems especially when calendars are published online and accessed by multiple devices, MS Outlook can become erratic.

Problem deleting published calendar in MS Outlook

How to Add and Configure Yahoo! Mail in Outlook 2010/2007

There is a big change in Yahoo Mail that came with the changes that Yahoo made with their interface in the past few months ago. These days, FREE Yahoo Mail users can now use POP and SMTP email clients to access their emails. This feature was previously available for paid version of Yahoo Mail only.

How to add Yahoo Mail to MS Outlook 2007, 2010

Using PureVPN to securely browse the web

Like I said in my previous posts, the internet is never a safe place. When you are browsing the internet using any internet-connected device like a desktop, laptop, smartphone, and many others, you are leaving traces of your identity.

Secure web browsing with PureVPN

I am experiencing problems with Hotmail. Is Hotmail/ service down?

You might wonder why your Hotmail email is not working now when it was just working yesterday, or two days ago, or even just few hours ago. Is Hotmail service temporarily down? A good and valid question.

How to check if Hotmail service is down

Elegant E-commerce Jewelry stores using Shopify

There are thousands or even tens of thousands of jewelry stores in the world. So are online jewelry stores that sell gems and jewelry items online.

Build your own online store so easily

Excel Tip: How to highlight weekend dates in Excel using Conditional Formatting

Suppose you are working on a worksheet that contains a date column. How would you determine a weekend date from a weekday? Using Conditional Formatting, this can be done easily. The screen shot below are from MS Excel 2010.

How to highlight weekend dates in Excel using Conditional Formatting

Suppose you have the data as shown below, with column A as the Date column.

Excel tip: How to skip weekends when autofilling dates

Microsoft Excel has a powerful AutoFill feature that automates enumeration process. For instance, instead of typing down a column item numbers 1, 2, 3, and so on, autofill handles that automatically. It works well with known patterns like years, days of the week, and other incremented values.

How to skip weekends when autofilling dates in Excel

E-Commerce Watch: List of successful online stores using Shopify

You might be planning to launch your dream online store. You might be deciding on whether to build an e-commerce site from scratch with the brightest of developers, or to use an existing and proven e-commerce platform. This showcase sites can help you decide.

Build your online store with Shopify

Excel tip: How to compute average using complex conditions - exclude zeros and blanks

When working with a spreadsheet like MS Excel, there are certain times that you want to calculate data based on certain conditions. For instance, you might need to calculate the average of a certain column based on the values on another column, or based on the values to be averaged themselves.

Using AVERAGEIFS to compute conditional average


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