How to Protect your Web Browsers from Unwanted Toolbars

There are still millions of people in the world who are using Internet Explorer as their primary web browser as it comes pre-installed in any computer running Windows operating system. Like any other browsers, they are prone to being hijacked by malicious toolbars.

5 Practical Ways to Spot an Email Scam

The most valid reason why email scammers are still out there is because their tricks still fool thousands or even millions of people around the world. So as long as there are possible victims, the scammers thrive. This article shares five (5) practical tips on how to detect and avoid email scams.

How to detect email scams

How to Avoid Email Scam and Spam

The email population is getting bigger as many people are getting or subscribing to an email account or accounts everyday. Also, there are several email providers today that allows people to create an email account with them for free. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and AOL are among them.

How to avoid email spam and scam

What is Email Spoofing and How to Avoid Being Spoofed

It is undeniable that today's mode of communication is getting faster and bigger. And the role player revolutionizing this is electronic mail, better known as e-mail. Today, there are several hundreds of millions of email accounts out there and they are all at risk from email spoofing.

How to prevent from being spoofed

How to Simply Move your Email Messages from Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook

If you are using Windows Live Mail and you have already accumulated a lot of email messages, you might wonder how you can transfer all your existing email messages to your MS Outlook when you decide to discontinue your Windows Live Mail.

How to move your Windows Live Mail emails to MS Outlook

How to Backup Windows Live Mail Emails? Where Are these Emails Stored?

Windows Live Mail 2012 is the current version of Microsoft's free email program that serves as the successor of the widely used Outlook Express in Windows XP. It was called Windows Mail in Windows Vista and then turned as Windows Live Mail as part of the free software suite called Windows Essentials 2012.

How to backup your emails in Windows Live Mail

Who needs a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service?

Everyone desires to have a safe, private and secure online experience. However, the very fact that you are online browsing websites and other online portals is indeed a risk to your personal privacy.

Excel Tip: Creating a lookup formula in Excel with multiple criteria

How would you accomplish a table search that will match a product with a sample list, compare the price with the various samples, and then pick the results from another column based on the comparison conditions? Vlookup function cannot perform such tasks.

How to perform a complex lookup with multiple conditions in Excel

Here is a sample problem.

How to Recover or Restore Deleted Emails from AOL

There are two (2) ways to access AOL emails. First is by using any web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Second is by using the AOL Desktop software. The procedures described here will only work for AOL emails accessed using any web browser.

How to recover your deleted AOL emails

How to Easily Extract Images and other Embedded Files from DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files

Have you ever wondered how you can easily extract the embedded images, graphs, illustrations or drawings in your MS Word document, your MS Excel workbook, or your MS PowerPoint presentation files?

How to easily extract embedded pictures, drawings and illustrations in an MS Office file


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