How to add or update security information on your Gmail account

Thousands of Gmail accounts are being compromised every day. And the very best weapon to easily recover the compromised account is the updated security information. The process described here will show you how to update or add security information to your Gmail account.

How to add security information to protect your Gmail

How to block specific email address of specific email account in MS Outlook

Sometimes, you are receiving unwanted emails from spammers and they are automatically detected by the email provider or your email client and went automatically to your Spam folder. However, what if you do not want to even download the spam emails but delete them automatically from your server?

How to block specific email address in MS Outlook

Excel Tip: How to create a pivot table that updates automatically

Microsoft Excel has a powerful reporting tool called the Pivot Table. In a few minutes and in a few mouse clicks, you can build a report of your data. This is used by most Excel users but the problem is, the Pivot Table does not refresh to reflect the changes you made in your source data.

How to create a pivot table in excel that updates automatically

How to Change or Update your Gmail Password

Every day thousands of email accounts are being hacked or compromised. This figure includes Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, and many others. One of the basic step or best practice to secure your email account is to change your password regularly.

How to change Gmail password

PDF files won't open in Internet Explorer 11, only shows small black box. Any help?

When you are using Microsoft's default web browser, Internet Explorer, you should normally be able to open a PDF page within your web browser. That means you don't need to download the PDF file and manually open it with your PDF Reader like Adobe Reader.

Internet Explorer now showing PDF files

How to Add or Update Security Information in Hotmail, Live, or Outlook Account

There are millions of people in the world use Hotmail, or its other Microsoft account variants like, or Among these huge number of users, thousands of them have problems in accessing their account because of having forgotten their passwords or because their accounts were hacked.

Update your Hotmail, live, security info for your security

Save on Various Software Products Using Uniue Coupons

You might have come across this article because you are looking for a particular software for your Windows computer, or for the latest deals on software products. You are good to think of that, since commercial software, because of competition, will definitely go on sale, not always, but occasionally.

Get big discounts on software products that you need

How to Retrieve the License or Product Keys in my Previous Computer?

When you purchase a computer software or program, like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, or even Windows Operating System (XP, Vista, 7 or 9), you will need to register your purchase using a License Key, also called a Product Key during or after installation.

How to retrieve license or product keys

How to Best Analyze Usage of your Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Suppose you are getting a message balloon stating something like "You are running very low on disk space..." or "You are running out of disk space...". What does it mean? How would you resolve the warning prompt?

How to manage the "Running low or out of disk space" issue

My Hotmail emails are shown as a group of emails. How can I show them individually?

If you have been using Hotmail for a long time and you are now faced with the new interface, with its great feature set, you might be overwhelmed. One important feature in particular, you might be complaining about your emails stacked in groups.

How to change email display in Hotmail


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