How to extract whole numbers from decimal digits in Excel

In daily spreadsheet tasks, you will encounter various types of data. Suppose you have a column of numeric data of formatted in 3 decimal points like the table below:

Decimal column

Suppose you need to use the WHOLE number parts of the data in column C (Average) in the table above, how would you do it?

How to Add e-Commerce to Any Existing Website

Convert any website to an ecommerce site

Several thousands of people nowadays are engaged into blogging. Most of these blogs are personal blogs and even some are professional or corporate blogs. Regardless of the type of blog you are running, there is now a simple way to easily convert your blog site into a full-featured e-commerce site. 

(SOLVED) No internet connection: One or more network protocols are missing

No internet connection icon

This annoying scenario happened to a lot of people already and you are reading this article precisely because you might have experienced this problem as well. The computer is able to connect to the wired or wireless network, but then the status shows "No internet access". And true enough, accessing any website gives you "Page cannot be displayed" or similar browser error messages. This problem happens due to several factors, including but not limited to the following:

(SOLVED) Adobe PageMaker 6.5 Error: Cannot create pages. Bad Record Index

PageMaker 6.5 Won't print; Bad User Index Error

This is a software issue I encountered with a client which solution is worth sharing. The software involved here is the old Adobe PageMaker 6.5 installed in a Windows XP machine.


(SOLVED) Microsoft Outlook can receive emails but cannot send after Windows 10 upgrade

Outlook unable to send emails after Windows 10 upgrade

Since Microsoft's release of Windows 10 to the public for free, several million of users a over the world upgraded to Windows 10. Wile others hesitated due to possible unwanted incompatibility issues.The later were right since one of the most annoying side-effects of the upgrade to Windows 10 is that MS Outlook is able to receive emails, but cannot send any emails out. Frustrating, right? 

How to roll back your Windows 10 Upgrade to your previous version of Windows

How to downgrade Windows 10

A free upgrade to the newest stable release of Windows 10 was good news to every Windows users especially those who are qualified for a free upgrade within one (1) year from its release. And indeed, millions of Windows users reserved their free upgrade slot, and on its release date, performed the upgrade.

Welcome to Windows 10.

How to reveal saved passwords in Internet Explorer 9, IE10 or IE11

Internet Explorer prompt to save and remember password

If you are using Internet Explorer 9, IE10 or IE11, you might have stored some online account passwords like in your email accounts or social media accounts. This means, when you access your online account, instead of prompting you for your username and password, you will see the input boxes already filled with your information. At times, you will no longer see the login page because your Internet Explorer browser already saved session cookies for your account and you have not signed out so the next time you visit the account, you are still signed in.

How and when to upgrade to the new Windows 10

How to upgrade to Windows 10 for free

Microsoft already announced the estimated release date of Windows 10, its newest operating system, early last year.  And part of the said announcement was that licensed users of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 can get Windows 10 upgrade for free.

How to Easily Share Files for FREE

easily share your files using

We are working with files everyday when we are using computers at work or at home. And most of the times, we need to share files to people in our organization, friends and family circles.

When it comes to file sharing, the very common, traditional and conventional way is through email attachments. That is, you need to use your email to compose a message, attach the file or files that you intend to share, then add the email addresses of the intended recipients, then hit Send.


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