How to Add Date Picker in Excel VBA Forms

The pop-up date picker for MS Excel

If you are using MS Excel for the longest time or if you are just new to this prowerful spreadsheet program, you might want to add some date picker functionality on your sheets. This fancy feature is mostly encountered on web forms but they can be applied or utilized in MS Excel too using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) forms.

(Solved) OneNote for Windows 10 (App) Crashes After Recent Windows Updates

The OneNote App in Windows 8/10

Microsoft OneNote is a free software from Microsoft that is used by millions of Windows and Mac users for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. OneNote allows gathering and creating of users' notes (both handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings and audio materials. Notes can then be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network. Using Microsoft OneDrive, a user's notes can also be made accessible by syncing these notes in any compatible devices.

How-To: Optimize your Windows PC or Mac for safer, better and faster performance

As you continue to use your computer, whether it is a work computer or a personal home computer, over time it accumulates chunks of unwanted files. These files could be "temporary files" when you install a certain software and the said installer failed to remove them after the installation process. They can also be temporary internet files that your browser downloaded so that your web browsing experience will be faster and efficient. They can also be "orphaned files" or left-overs when you uninstall a certain program.

BEWARE: PLDT Home Ultera Plan 999 is a BAD choice (Update)

This is just an update of my previously posted thread "BEWARE: PLDT Home Ultera Plan 999 is a BAD choice". I am so glad that I was able to help several people through the thread and so I posted this update to inform my readers about the progress with this PLDT Ultera service.

(SOLVED) Outlook 2013 or 2016 stopped working with error code 0x80004005

Fixing error code 0x80004005

This very annoying error has been reported several times from people who upgraded their version of Windows to the latest Windows 10, or to those who upgraded their MS Office to the latest 2013 or 2016 versions.

In most cases, Outlook is able to send and receive emails just fine but the annoying error pops up every now and then. In other cases, Outlook is unable to send and/or receive due to the error.

Other solutions include the following:

(SOLVED) Unable to Run or Open Any Programs in Windows XP, Vista or 7

Unable to run any EXE file Windows Registry Fix

This happened to a lot of people already and is very annoying. When you open try to open your programs in your Windows computer, another program opens but then immediately produces an error message. To be specific, the file that you are trying to run are executable files with .exe file extension so when you double click to run the program, another and unknown program opens just to shoot an error message. Weird and annoying, isn't it?

(SOLVED) Fixing "You've been signed in with a temporary profile" Error in Windows 8, 8.1 or 10

Fixing "You've been signed in with a temporary profile" Error in Windows 8, 8.1 or 10

One of the most annoying and oftentimes most feared error message in the new Windows systems is the so called "Profile Error". The error message itself is a bit scary specially among ordinary and novice computer users.

The main reason why this scenario scared a lot of Windows users are:

How To: Develop or write a proposal for a mobile app (native) for college IT course

Mobile app proposal sample

Develop a proposal for a mobile app (native). The proposal will include:

How to extract whole numbers from decimal digits in Excel

In daily spreadsheet tasks, you will encounter various types of data. Suppose you have a column of numeric data of formatted in 3 decimal points like the table below:

Decimal column

Suppose you need to use the WHOLE number parts of the data in column C (Average) in the table above, how would you do it?


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